Therapy Outside

Healing through Nature and Movement

What about taking your sessions outdoors? Maybe in a public park or on nearby trails. This alternative infuses the benefits of fresh air and exercise into the therapy sessions. 

Movement, whether it’s a leisurely walk or a brisk hike, can make it easier for some people to discuss their feelings. You may prefer to move or walk as opposed to sitting. 

Aside from any potential physical concerns, there are some ethical questions to consider before we start our outdoors session. Once we venture out of the office or the living room, we have less control over the privacy of the session. 

There’s the possibility that we will see someone you know, or we may come across someone who recognizes me as a mental health professional.

Depending on how busy the park or the trail is, there’s also a chance your conversation may be overheard. 

These concerns may not bother some clients and won’t change their preference—but for others, giving up the privacy and confidentiality of their sessions may not be worth the sunshine and fresh air. Lets discuss any concerns prior to your outdoor session, so we can make an informed decision together.​

Once rapport is built through tele-mental health sessions, ask about this option for a 1x/month added benefit to therapy.