About Me

Mrs. Kendra Kelly

*BLA Humanities & Social Science -Auburn University Montgomery: 2009

*Master of Arts in Professional Counseling -Liberty University: 2012

*Georgia Licensed Professional Counselor-#008797: 2014

*Master's level Public Health Promotion Professional -Liberty University: 2014


American Counseling Association

National LGBT Chamber of Commerce

OUT GA Business Alliance


National Board Certified Counselor: #612847

Reiki Practicioner

NAFC Group Fitness Instructor (in training)

Additional Experience: 

The Mission Continues: Service Leadership Corps Fellowship


After Her Service: Business Coaching Program Completion 2019-2020

Coming March 2022: 

- Advanced certified Yoga, breathwork and meditation teacher ( 300 hour yoga alliance approved)

- Certified Trauma Informed Practitioner

- Certified Mindfulness Informed Practitioner

- Certified Level 1 Sound Healer


​​Past academic focus:

Community wellness education and empowerment with efforts to dissolve wholistic wellness disparity gaps through health prevention and wellness maintenance efforts.

Military Veteran:

Army and Air Force Reserves 2002-2018

Performing and creative arts: dance, acting, writing, directing, creative coordinating & producing for film/stage. 

Professional History: 

Clinical Academic and Services Care Coordinator, Clinical Director Residential Treatment Facilities and partner agencies of The Department of Family and Children Services and mental health for 10 years, with 2 years prior working in special education.

Counseling Ethics Info
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"This is Why I Do It"

My private practice was created out of the motivation to feel more grounded in holistic wellness, as well as my focused interest in cultivating the passions, gifts, and innate strengths within each person and community.

As a Black woman in America, I also want to acknowledge the deep and painful roots that many of us share and my dedication to adding to the visibility of Black wellness and mental health. 


As a Queer woman, it is important for me to hold space for others in the spirit of diverse sexuality, attraction, and connection. 


As a Creative woman, embedding elements of creativity, Spirit, art, and quirk into healing, growing, and evolving is natural for me. 

As a Spiritual woman, I support your spiriutal exploration and journey. 

Over the years, I’ve gained coursework, exposure, and experience to many therapy modalities and alternative healing approaches. I am a lifelong student. 

I believe in helping you to bring your creativity, strengths, and talents forward in navigating tough and uncertain times. It is my belief that YOU are the expert of YOUR LIFE. I am here to guide, reflect, support, and encourage your healing and evolving.​


I identify and have shared experiences within communities that are LGBTQ+, sex/body positive, and those within various relationship structures. 


I continue to be creative with local and national film projects, TV, online streaming platforms and apps, and community/live events through dance, fitness/wellness, fashion/figure modeling, advocacy and human rights, and other forms of art for creative, healing, entertainment expressions and purpose. 


I enjoy creative and leisure time with my wife, dog, and 2 cats and LOVE a good laugh, traveling, fitness and exercise, and all things art. 

Time in nature-moon & sun bathing, climbing trees, & hiking trails, time in solitude, meditation, use of energy crystals, dance and music are important to me and a part of my personal wellness practice. 


I am honored to be a part of your wellness journey. 


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